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The National Coalition for Skin Cancer Prevention in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Youth Sports was created by AAHE through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Cancer Control, to increase the awareness in skin cancer prevention. The Coalition will be the driving force behind skin cancer prevention education strategies for children.

Skin Cancer is the most common of all cancers. Since most children do not automatically think about the future, protecting them from the sun now is important. It may not be easy to explain to a child that practicing sun protective behaviors now can prevent melanoma later. But it is TRUE! Coaches, parents, teachers, and caregivers can do a great deal to get children into the habit of limiting dangerous sun exposure and using protective clothing and sunscreens.

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Danny Sommers


Danny is the man bound by only one goal. To educate the world about the sun.

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James Rowles

Sun Safety Expert

James loves sunshine but knows that skin cancer is always lurking.

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Mary Webb

Fun in the Sun Manager

Marry will make sure everybody reapplies after swimming or one hour.

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Marcus Hunt

Mr. SPF 9000

Marcus is our in-house SPF guru. Have an SPF question? Ask Marcus.

I was getting sunburned everyday until i found sunsafety.org they taught me how to enjoy the sun responsobly and not use SPF 0 which never seams to work.
Thanks Sun Safety!

Sandy Whitiker

Patron of the Sun

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Sun Safety is an elite group of safe fun in the sun affecianados.

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